Real ID and RFID:

RFID is a side issue for Real ID, and I've been ignoring it. But here's an interesting article from "Citizens Against Government Waste" (CAGW). They feel that Real ID cards should not have an RFID chip. Some quotes:
"RFID may be good for tracking produce, but is an expensive, intrusive way to track people," said CAGW President Tom Schatz. "We strongly urge the Privacy Advisory Committee to adopt this report in its current form."
The subcommittee report, The Use of RFID for Human Identification, finds that RFID technology "is no more resistant to forgery or tampering than any other digital technology ... (and) exposes identification processes to security weaknesses that non-radio-frequency-based processes do not share." Other privacy concerns include an individual's inability to choose when he or she is identified and what information is read. The subcommittee also proposes safeguards for the use of RFID such as notification of and ability to control when and what information is collected and by whom, enhanced security for chip readers and databases, and limited collection and storage of data.
"The use of RFID for human identification burdens taxpayers and leaves Americans vulnerable to potential invasions of privacy with only minimal benefits. We hope DHS will heed the advice of the subcommittee's report and not recommend the use of this expensive and ineffective technology," Schatz concluded.


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