The EU decides to adopt a uniform license:

The European Union will adopt uniform driver's and motorcyclist licenses. There will be a common data base of shared information. Is the EU falling into the Real ID trap? I think not, the differences are refreshing.

First, the obvious goal is safer driving. A goal of the common data base is to keep people who lose their licenses for drunk driving from getting another valid license in yet another country.

Second, this is not a rush job. If anything, it might be too slow. The new license will be introduced in seven years, and be mandatory by 2032. (I have some personal experience watching a Swiss bank NOT get ready for the Euro, and I must say it's a good idea not to try to enforce these big changes too quickly.)

The news story I pointed at said nothing about security interests. If the EU tries to make drivers licenses that are good for the business of driving, they ought to manage to do the job well, for a reasonable cost.


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