At last, action in the Senate!

A story by K. C. Jones for Information Week reports that two senators have threatened to repeal Real ID unless changes are made. Of course the story reports this:
[Senator] Akaka echoed complaints from hundreds of groups -- including the National Rifle Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, and associations representing state lawmakers -- in criticizing the legislation. He noted that the law was attached to defense spending, tsunami relief, and terror prevention. He said the proposal was not subjected to scrutiny, floor debate, or hearings before Congress was "forced" to pass it.

The other senator is John Sununu. Here's Senator Akaka again:
"It's taken DHS over a year and a half just to issue the regulations," he said. "Expecting the states to execute the new system in even less time is unrealistic.

And also:
"If the new state databases are compromised, they will provide one-stop access to virtually all information necessary to commit identity theft," he said.

Go, Senate, Go!


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