Tell me again: WHO needs a Real ID license?

One aspect of Real ID that will magnify the cost of drivers licenses is that many non-drivers will need them. Toddlers will need them to fly, for example. But even people who never fly, never drive and never go to federal court (and I'm including a LOT of inner city grownup residents here) will need to get Real ID licenses if another dumb law passes. The idea here is to require all VOTERS to show a Real ID card.

This idea has come up several times and proposed House legislation is currently discussed by Nicole Gaouette in an article in the L.A. Times online, here.

I'm not going to spend much time on this aspect of Real ID, for a simple reason: our courts have many times declared laws unconstitutional that place any undue burden in front of people trying to vote. I think that a long, frustrating day at the motor vehicle bureau will qualify as an undue burden. I hope this issue does NOT have to be fought out in the courts!


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