Pay up or Shut up, say our governors ...

In August, "Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff called on state legislators Thursday to embrace new federal driver's license requirements to strengthen security, but state lawmakers later demanded that Congress either fund the program or drop it." So says ERIK SCHELZIG, Associated Press Writer, in a FoxNews article. Chertoff tried to persuade the governors of the importance of this program to national security. (If you've been reading this blog, you know that's at best a vague hope!) But the governors zeroed in on the money, with total estimates now in the billions. "NCSL members later voted to approve a resolution to demand Congress either find a way to pay for the Real ID Act - or to repeal it by the end of 2007."

Now I shall editorialize. There's a strange logical disconnect going on here! Congress has the power to repeal this law or to fund it. Congress people represent their constituents who live in - you guessed it - states! The governors of these very states are really upset with Real ID. Why aren't their congressional representatives taking action? Why Not???????



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