Rel $$ from the DHS:

New Hampshire and Kentucky are each receiving $3,000,000 from the DHS to implelemnt "pilot" Real ID projects. We'll definitely want to se where this money goes, and how well it covers implementation of real ID. I believe the DHS has still not properly defined what Real ID is, so it will also be interesting to see how much of this money can be spent soon.

NH is an interesting choice, as this state nearly opted out of Real ID altogether. There may still be interesting limits to NH's involvement, as shown in an AP article published in the Nashua Telegraph article online (Aug 9, 2006), by Anne Saunders:
Motor Vehicles Director Virginia Beecher told the committee she has no intention of sharing driver information with a national database, except for the system that now exists to identify problem drivers to police.

“We would protect state’s rights and individual privacy,” she said.


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