Nevada's in the dark!

Valerie Miller writes along familiar lines in the Nevada Business Press. HEre story makes two amazing points that I'd like to emphasize:

  1. There's no way for a state to apply for the paltry $40 million that the Real ID law's supposed to give them, to implement it.
  2. The TSA is making no plans to force people to show Real ID licenses (and validate them) when we fly. There's no coordination here!
Some quotes:
"We don't have a Real ID budget," admitted Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles spokesman Tom Jacobs. "Until the feds decide what the rules will be, there isn't a state in the union that can say what it will cost."
Lines at local DMVs might be out the door if and when Real ID becomes mandated.

The key part of those rules will be the technology used to authenticate the papers needed for the new license. ...

This year's federal budget included $40 million in grants to states for the new ID program, but Nevada officials haven't seen any money. "There is no mechanism in place to apply for the grants," said Steve George, Gov. Kenny Guinn's press secretary.


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