Convergence (Passport, Real ID Drivers license):

The Fort Frances Times Online has a gushing story about how wonderful Real ID is, and the desire of one businessman to make Vermont the model state that implements real ID first - never mind the cost - to show how wonderful it is.

For me the interesting part is a request this guy made to the author of Real ID (Rep, Sensenbrenner) that was well-received: Driver's licenses ought to show the place of birth of the holder. That would allow a Real ID license to be used in place of a passport, to re-enter the USA. (The background here is that yet another percolating initiative from DHS, the "Western Hemisphere travel Initiative" proposes to require passports to return to the US. Forget your passport, rot in the Ocean, I guess.)

I see this idea as a little step in the right direction. Add a few more lines, make the passport and the Real ID license carry all the same info, and get rid of one of them.


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