And now, Heeeere's Digimarc!

I've been reading Real ID posts about DigiMarc for awhile now, and here's another sample. A number of states are apparently contracting with them, NOW, to build Real ID-compatible systems in the (near and appropriate) future. Digimarc has some specific reasons to win these contracts, but that's not important (to me) now. I'm fascinated by the possible scenarios that may unfold specifically because one company has a number of the state contracts.

The various states that choose Digimarc might be particularly compatible. They may wind up paying less, if Digimarc is willing to share with them the rewards of developing the same programs for multiple states. But if, heaven forbid, Digimarc suffers any delays or security problems, all of their states could fall into trouble together.

Mind you, I have no reason to assume that Digimarc will have any trouble. I'm inclined to hope for the best. But many eggs WILL be in the same basket.

As they used to say, if you put all your eggs in one basket, WATCH THAT BASKET!


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