Technical Challenges to building Real ID:

Here's an AP article that lists very difficult challenges in building the Real ID system:
  • States will have to consult multiple databases to check the accuracy of documents, and figure ou how to retain them for at least seven years.
  • "States will have to network their records systems and tap into national databases in order to share driving histories, track duplicate or fraudulent applications and ensure that licenses expire when legal immigration status expires."
  • No more nicknames! Licenses and cards and databases must be redone to handle up to 125 character names.
  • These interlinked databases will have to use identical names when they reference the same people.
The changes will force states to "incur expenses from renegotiating or changing contracts with outside vendors."

I've published this entry with the intent of bringing more useful information to all of you, and I've tried to choose my words carefully in order not to annoy or offend anyone. There, that ought to do it.


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