State Worries about Real ID: kept secret ????

PrideSource has an interesing article about Real ID, but one aspect really caught my eye. In Michigan. the ACLU obtained documents indicating that
"Michigan state officials are concerned that federal legislation called the Real ID Act will require extensive changes to existing practices at the Secretary of State's Office. Concerns include the difficulty of implementation by the Act's deadline and heavy expenses that will have to be absorbed by Michigan taxpayers and license applicants.
Civil liberties groups, conservative groups, immigration groups - we've all been saying that Real ID will be a real disaster and needs to be revisited by Congress," said Kary Moss, ACLU of Michigan executive director. "These documents indicate that Michigan officials - the people actually responsible for carrying out this ill-conceived law - also have serious problems with Real ID."
Here's my question: Why are state officials being the least bit secretve about their concerns? They should be shouting their worries out loud!


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