RFID for realID? Decision soon?

David Williams, in Human Events online, reports that
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will soon make a decision that could threaten the pocketbook and privacy of every American. The agency is considering requiring all drivers’ licenses to be embedded with computer chips, which will be more costly and less secure than upgrading the existing technology for licenses.
He writes that:
DHS has two options for licenses: Magnetic stripes or two-dimensional (2-D) bar codes; and contact-less integrated circuits such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Whichever alternative is used -– “2-D” or “3-D” technology -– the new system will place a heavy burden on state and local governments, especially departments of motor vehicles, as well as on taxpayers and drivers.
He concludes:
RFID technology is useful and appropriate for applications such as cargo and automatic tolls. But requiring an embedded chip in every driver’s license is a terrible idea. With the government’s long history of technological ineptitude, the task is daunting and invites all manner of snooping, theft, and abuse. DHS should keep costs and technology difficulties to a minimum by choosing to use cost-effective and proven methods that are being used in most states today.

I recommend you read the whole column.


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