Meanwhile, in the State of denial:

Let's give Alabama credit. They are really trying to get to "Real ID" world ahead of schedule. In the New Courier, we read {Dec 3, 2005} that "On Monday, the Alabama Department of Public Safety, Drivers License Division will be installing a new digital laser license system in the License Commissioner’s Office in Limestone and Morgan counties.

A new machine will also be placed in the State DP Office in Athens at the Clinton Street Courthouse Annex.

The installation of the new digital laser license systems will be completed within one day at each location."

And further we read that "The systems will bring the state in compliance with the mandate by Congress from the Real ID Act of 2005. This legislation applies to all 50 states and directs each jurisdiction to provide a secure drivers license issuing system and process as approved by the Department of Homeland Security by the end of 2008.

The new systems will replace hardware in Alabama county licensing offices that are obsolete and was placed in service in 1994."

The only problem is, no one knows what compliance with Real ID entails. The department of Home Security is yet to add requirements as mandated by law, and the states have not agreed how to make their databases both interlockable and secure.

But Alabama should certainly get there as soon as any state.


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