North Dakota takes the Big Risk!

According to this release, North Dakota has hired a company called Viisage to redesign their drivers licenses, and ND plans to use the new licenses in 2006. An important quote:
"We selected Viisage as it has the proven technology and solutions that will allow us to produce secure drivers' licenses and IDs for our citizens," commented Mr. Keith C. Magnusson, North Dakota Deputy Director for Driver and Vehicle Services. "I am pleased with their integrated credentialing offering - including the end-to-end solutions capabilities - that will enable us to progressively add further key features to meet standards set by the REAL ID Act."

Trouble is, it's equally likely that most of the work will have to be DONE OVER to meet the Real ID act, which - as we know - is not a well defined target yet. I think Mr. Magnusson would do better to put a hold on all work for now, and plan to use the new licenses in 2008.


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