Michigan starts to wake up ...

The Detroit Free Press has an article titled: Federal ID law may send flood of work to state, county clerks. Michigan has been automating services so people can seek records or driver's license renewals over the phone, by mail or online. They now realize that RealID is going to terminate all this convenience, forcing 8 million people to bring in their ID documents.
Michigan has been doing a $30-million upgrade of its computer systems, and County Clerk Ruth Johnson believes the new technology for a combined ID card and passport could be incorporated into the upgrade. I believe she's in for a terrible shock, it won't be that simple.
"Any time we show our identifications at places from the bar to the bank, we risk both the government and private businesses having access to our private data," said Wendy Wagenheim, spokeswoman for the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan.


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