I'm not impressed by the CDSL:

An article at arrivenet.com approvingly quotes the CDSL (Coalition for a Secure Driver's License), in favor of hurrying up and implementing RealID. The CDSL says:
Four years after terrorists used driver's licenses to plan and execute their attacks on American soil, and 14 months after the 9/11 Commission recommended uniform standards for their issuance, state-issued driver's licenses in America still can be obtained by persons whose identities cannot be verified and remain a national security threat. ... Driver's licenses are a proven terrorist tool ...
Frankly, I think the fact that driver's licenses have not been used for four years to perform a dastardly terrorist act shows that driver's licenses are not currently a terrorist tool! The CDSL also released a survey in showing that:
more than four out of five Americans (84 percent) would be willing to stand in line a few extra minutes or pay an extra dollar for a driver's license so that their identities can be authenticated. ...

"These survey results clearly show that Americans understand the danger driver's licenses pose in the wrong hands and their willingness to do their part to correct the problem," said CSDL President Amanda Bowman.
I suggest they redo their survey, and ask people if they are willing to stand in line an extra four hours, NOT renew by mail or over the web, and pay an extra $100 for their driver's license. That would be more realistic, and I'm genuinely curious what people would say.


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