An Identity Thief’s Dream:

Robert Gellman, in dmNews, has a thoughtful article (I'm linking to Part II here; this article will soon be part of dmNews's pay-to-see archives), on realID. He concentrates on the process of verifying identity and building a data base of scanned documents that will be an identity thief's dream.
I quoted Part I of Gellman's essay here. Quotes:
Don’t forget that you will need to get an ID for your grandmother who has Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home. That will be three times harder than getting your own. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t drive anymore because the ID card may be needed for Medicare.
Though the act passed Congress easily, I don’t think the fight is over. This particular struggle between privacy and security has just started.
The law requires security, but we all know that even the best security isn’t foolproof. A DMV clerk in another state may provide copies of your documents to an identity thief who works overseas.


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