Illinois plans to implement the act:

cyberdriveillinois reports that "Secretary of State Jesse White appointed his Inspector General Jim Burns to chair a committee that will recommend changes Illinois should make to comply with a new federal law that orders every state to require, verify and store specific identification documents before issuing drivers' licenses." They expect that "the Secretary of State's office will need to make some procedural and legislative changes to comply with various components of the law. Those changes include verifying all identification documents presented by applicants with the original issuing agencies and then scanning and storing the documents electronically."

It may be interesting to follow the news in Illinois, as they are likely to realize (gradually) that they are getting into something rather big. But they do know it's going to cost them:

"This is a costly mandate that the federal government has placed on the states," White said. "I will be lobbying for federal funding to help make these changes. ..."


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