Repeal Real ID Act, allow for personal privacy!

As soon as RealID passed, Nathan Swire, in an opinion piece at Black and White Online, called for the obvious: Repeal the RealID act! (It's not necessary to repeal the entire emergency spending bill, the RealID parts can be expunged.) Quotes:

Congress should repeal the Real ID Act, a bill establishing a national personal information database, because it jeopardizes civil liberties and does not fulfill its goals of fighting terrorism.

Identification numbers provide a powerful new tool that businesses can use to check the identification of their customers, but this gives criminals a new way to steal the identities of normal citizens. Whenever a company scans the license, every employee involved in the process will see the information of the customer. Unscrupulous employees can and will sell this information to data companies, or even to criminal groups. Identity theft and customer data abuse already threaten consumers today and would become even greater threats with the implementation of the act.


Blogger jgfellow said...

Given the recent spate of successful hacks of databases, you would think that Congress would have deliberated more before enacting such a juicy target.

I apologize if you have already posted on the following subject, but I would be interested in updates on the progress of executing on this provision of the law.

7/13/2005 5:12 PM  

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