RealID looks awful in Vermont!

Here's an opinion column in the Vermmont Brattleboro Reformer. The writer asks: "What happens if every Vermont driver has to go to the DMV? A system that can just about cope with its current workload will be absolutely swamped. And that's just for regular licenses. Right now, it costs $23 for a two-year license and $35 for a four-year one. Add in the costs of residency verification and all the various bells and whistles the REAL ID requires, and it could mean that renewing a driver's license could cost $100 or more."

The editorial concludes, "As for the REAL ID Act's potential effectiveness as an anti-terrorism measure, fake IDs are easy to make and ubiquitous. If a high school senior can get them, a terrorist can.

Unless the federal government wants to pay for it, we think the REAL ID Act of 2005 should be repealed. It's unneeded, expensive and imposes an unnecessary level of bureaucracy to states that are unable to handle it."


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