REAL ID doesn't seem like a good ID!

Mary Sanchez has an intelligent column about the Real ID card in the South Mississippi Sun Herald. (You don't have to be a northern liberal to be suspicious of RealID.) Her main points:

  1. Driver's licenses are being pushed to uses far beyoind their original intention.
  2. It's reasonable to worry about what will happen to all the new data collected.
  3. RealID probably would not have helped catch the 9-11 hijackers.

Some quotes:

The initial problem is that driver's licenses have gone far beyond their intended use in society. Driver's licenses are used to board planes, open bank accounts, rent cars, and to prove identity in a wide variety of places and situations. So tinkering too much with driver's licenses is the fastest route toward establishing a national identification card.

A not completely unfathomable fear is what will be done with all of the information gathered, Big Brother's national database.


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