Governors: Driver's License Costs to Soar!

The Washington Post reports Governors' feelings about RealID at the governors' conference. Quotes:

Fees for a new driver's license could triple. Lines at motor vehicles offices could stretch out the door. Governors warned Monday that states and consumers would bear much of the burden for a terrorism-driven push to turn licenses into a national ID card.

"It's a huge problem," said Democrat Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania. "Trying to make this work, there will be hell to pay." He said it would cost his state "$100 million-plus" to restructure motor vehicle offices to respond to a new federal law called the REAL ID Act.

"It has become a national ID card. It's a terrible idea for the states to do it," said Republican Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, chairman of the governors association. "They have created a national nightmare and they'll probably be driving up the cost of the driver's licenses by three- or four-fold."

The federal government is essentially demanding the skills of immigration officials and FBI agents from motor vehicle clerks whose starting pay, in Arkansas, is $8.27 an hour ...


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