Everybody Gets it!

I've seen very little in the press in favor of relID, while column after column comes out against it. If state politicians weren't so lazy we should see a big repeal effort by now. Here's yet another column, in the Colorado Greeley tribune. The (anonymous?) author sees no problem in prinicple with a federal ID number for everyone, but calls for funding RealId and/or fixing the legislation to make it useable:
"However, to saddle the states with the responsibility but no money to accomplish the task is ridiculous, especially in these challenging economic times where states -- Colorado included -- are struggling to keep their heads above financial disaster."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually many states are against it. Go here and check it out> http://www.realnightmare.org/news/105/
But the new hitler regime by Bush (and by the way I am a Republican basically) is now forcing the states by saying their citizens will no longer be able to fly with the old licenses!!

1/12/2008 10:38 AM  

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