Drivers' License == Passport ????

This Daily Oakland Press article mentions, for the first time I've seen it, the idea that we might "use the licenses as passports, since the same information is basically required for both". It's an idea that raises an important question: would the federal operation that issues passports replace all the state MVBs? Or would it work the other way around? Would it be alright to renew drivers' licenses every ten years? If not, why don't states do that now?

One of the reasons that states control drivers' licenses is that they have to try to force drivers to keep up to date auto insurance. How would that work if passports were the "same thing?" Perhaps we would get a federal passport, and then bring it to any state to get it stamped as "driver-worthy" when we passed the state's other driving requirements.

I see the states losing a source of revenue if these two documents are combined, but this is the ideal time to do it if they would otherwise have to spend $100 million each to be able to issue the new licenses.


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