Targeting Illegal Immigrants with a sledge-hammer:

Emily Alpert, in the independent student newspaper, Chicago Maroon, discusses the mishmash that is this law. She points out the provisions that attack illegal immigrants, perhaps forcing them all, in the future, to drive without licenses and insurance. Quotes:

" ... the bill sets harsher standards for refugees seeking asylum ..."

"A second provision restricts habeas corpus for immigrants, preventing most from challenging their deportation in court ..."

" ... the legislation undercuts the marginal progress made in states like California to admit the reality of undocumented immigration, by preventing migrants from getting driver’s licenses and automotive insurance. The sheer number of undocumented workers and our economy’s dependence on their underpaid, underappreciated labor should compel us to recognize and address the causes and effects of illegal immigration, not plug our ears and sing the Real ID Act’s regressive tune."


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