Immigration advocates slam Real ID Act:

Samantha Henry, in the Bergen Herald News, looks at the new law from The immigrants’ point of view. Quotes:

“Linton Joaquin, the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, said the legislation will only force more people outside the law. "It doesn't do much to address national security issues, it makes us less secure by driving people further into the shadows," Joaquin said. "We're all safer if everyone driving on the road is licensed, tested and insured."”

“The Real ID Act also tightens regulations for immigrants seeking asylum in the United States, increasing the burden of proof.”

Advocates such as Partha Banerjee, the executive director of the New Jersey Immigration Policy Network, say the legislation is "anti-immigrant. It's basically creating another class in an already stratified society," Banerjee said. "It's saying: these are people to watch out for, these are people not to be trusted, these are potential terrorists, which is far from the truth."


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