Can’t Renew your driver’s license by Mail:

An opinion piece in the Washington Olympian notes that we will no longer be able to renew our driver’s licenses by mail, nor online. Quotes from the article:

"The act assumes undocumented immigrants are going to go home, but they are not."

“One area where the Real ID Act is found to be really lacking is the manner in which it was rubberstamped into law. … The approach used by its supporters speaks volumes about their confidence in passing a stand-alone Real ID Act of 2005.”

“The [Washington] licensing department was close to enacting a plan to allow people ages 24 to 65 without major health problems to renew their licenses online or by mail. The move would make it easier for 50,000 people a month and reduce waiting lines at licensing offices for others. Now it looks like everyone would have to come into the office, proof of citizenship in hand, for at least the first renewal under Real ID.”


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